Product Evaluation

Is my supplier manufacturing products according to my specifications? How do my products compare with those of my competitors?

BME has been answering these question for designers, manufacturers, importers and distributors for three decades. Our clients have learned the advantages of discovering flaws before the imported product is distributed across North America. Much of our work, however, is in devising and carrying out test programs, to compare the candidate imported product with traditional brands. With cutting devices or drill bits, this means tests which are:

a) the same on each test sample, and

b) truly representative of the wear and tear effects of normal use.

Such test procedures usually don’t exist or are not standardized. BME devises them to meet the specific requirements of each product.

Occasionally, flaws appear rapidly (detached carbide inserts, flaked and scored hard surfaces, for example on cutting devices). Usually however, wear and tear of a more typical nature accumulates and careful comparison of the test specimens is essential for performance evaluation. Our metallurgy lab provides the necessary resources for research. Low power and scanning electron microscopy reveal features such as comparative wear on carbide cutting edges. Differences observed microscopically before tests, such as abrasive paper topology, subsequently explain dramatic differences in cutting performance.

Our assistance is not limited to testing and reporting on initial samples of candidate products. We have assisted manufacturers by identifying what needs to be corrected or improved. We can spot check samples from on-going deliveries, helping to ensure that the supplier to our importer/distributor client is keeping quality up to the mark.


D. Harvey West, P.Eng.
Jonathan P. Gough P.Eng.
Ken Peters, A.Sc.T