Seatbelt Analysis

In Canada, the design and installation of seat-belts is governed by Standard 208 of the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations, “Occupant Restraint Systems in Frontal Impacts” and Standard 209, “Seat-belt Assemblies”.

BME motor vehicle collision professionals have analyzed thousands of seat belt assemblies to establish if an occupant was or was not belted at the time of collision, if the occupant was belted correctly and if the seat belt was effective.

Wear markings on, and damage to, seatbelt assembly components are valuable sources of evidence. Seatbelt analysis includes, but is not limited to,  anchorage points, buckles, d-rings, load limiters, pretensioners, automatic locking retractors, emergency locking retractors (vehicle locking retractors and wedding sensitive retractors), webbing and seatbelt housings.


Jonathan P. Gough P.Eng.
David M. Little P.Eng.
D. Harvey West P.Eng.