Pedestrian collisions

BME collision experts have analyzed hundreds of pedestrian collisions involving male, female, child and elderly pedestrians. Pedestrian collisions include, but are not limited to, sideswipe collisions,  wrap projections, forward projections, fender vaults, roof vaults and somersaults. Our team have analyzed collisions involving standard motor vehicles, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and other recreational vehicles.

To determine the type of pedestrian collision requires a systematic forensic analysis including, but not limited to, examination of the collision scene, examination of the vehicle, review of witness statements and any other pertinent records of fact  and review of the injured individuals medical records. Our team at BME are well equipped and experienced in all areas of pedestrian collision analysis.

Scene analysis may comprise determination of point of impact, rest positions, tire mark analysis, traffic signal information for both vehicle and pedestrian, sightline analysis, collision time, road/surface conditions, weather conditions, natural and artificial lighting conditions, surface features or hazards along the pedestrian path and other environmental conditions.

Vehicle examination may comprise vehicle damage documentation, vehicle geometry measurements,  identification of vehicle contact points on bumper, hood, windshield, mirrors, roof, roofrack or other vehicle features. Event Data Recorder (EDR) data analysis is often used to determine vehicle speed, use of brakes or other recorded data.

Medical records of the injured individual can include personal data on the individual comprising weight, height, age, gender and other pertinent information. Medical records, including first responder reports, are critical to identifying specific injuries such as lacerations, bruises, abrasions and fractures. Understanding the pre-impact kinematics of the pedestrian can be an important factor when estimating throw distances and point of contact. Clothing, footwear and other factors that may play a role in pedestrian visibility are carefully considered.


Jonathan P. Gough P.Eng.
David M. Little P.Eng.
D. Harvey West P.Eng.