Nighttime Visibility

Understanding the array of human, vehicle and environmental factors contributing to collisions and injurious events at nighttime is crucial to providing succinct and accurate collision analysis to our clients.

Our professional engineering team have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge in the analysis of contentious nighttime visibility events involving single and multiple vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.

Our knowledge and expertise in analyzing nighttime visibility events include:

  • Identifying driver avoidance opportunities.
  • Determining perception-reaction time for drivers, pedestrians and cyclist.
  • Accurate photography of low illumination scenes.
  • Assessing availability and visibility of fixed and temporary road and hazard signage.
  • Identification of road hazards .
  • Assessing the effect of environmental factors such as rain, fog and other environmental factors contributing to reduced visibility.
  • Determining the hazard to drivers of inadequate  pedestrian illumination.
  • Determining the hazard to drivers of inadequate cyclist illumination.
  • Determining availability and functionality of vehicle lighting system.


Jonathan P. Gough P.Eng.
David M. Little P.Eng.
D. Harvey West P.Eng.