Our people

Our people are our greatest strength. Together, we have accumulated more than 175 years of experience in failure analysis, motor vehicle collision analysis and materials engineering. The variety of our experience is rare in the industry. This gives us a REAL advantage in solving the complex and unique puzzles involved in forensic engineering and industrial failure analysis. Below is a brief career outline of our key people.

D. Harvey West, FEC, P.Eng. (B.A.Sc., Metallurgical Engineering, UBC)

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Fire Causation Analysis
Slip and Fall Testing
Motor Vehicle Collision Analysis
Medical Device Failure Analysis
Jonathan P. Gough, P.Eng. (B.Sc., Metallurgical Engineering, Queens University)

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Fracture analysis of metals
Fracture analysis of non-metallics
Product liability analysis
Motor Vehicle Collision Analysis
Heavy Vehicle Rollovers
Nighttime visibility
Low speed collision
David M. Little, P.Eng. (B.A.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, UBC)

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Motor Vehicle Collision Analysis
G.P.S. Data
Mechanical Forensic Investigation
Seat belt analysis
Airbag analysis
Helmet use and effectiveness
Ashley Beckman, P.Eng. (B.Sc. Materials Engineering, U of A)

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Fire Causation Analysis
Fracture Analysis of Metals and Non-Metallics
Ken Peters, A.Sc.T. (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology)

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Non-destructive testing
(Magnetic Particle Inspection)
(Liquid Penetrate Inspection)
(Ultrasonic Inspection)
Metallurgical analysis
Scanning Electron Microscope
Visual Inspection
Boroscope Inspection
Ryan Parman

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Metallurgical Laboratory
Magnetic Particle Inspection
Liquid Penetrate Inspection
Visual Inspection
Ryan Hazlett, P.Eng., CFEI (B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, University of Alberta)

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Mechanical Engineering
Failure Analysis
Building Mechanical Systems
Plumbing and appliances
HVAC Equipment
Agricultural equipment
Fire Investigations
Fire protection and automatic sprinklers
Code Compliance Studies