Materials Failures

BME was founded in 1971 for metallurgical failure analysis and has since grown into a multi-faceted enterprise with a wide range of expertise and technical resources. Over the past four decades, BME have developed one of the leading materials failure labs in Western Canada.

BME’s material analysis lab has evolved into a world class facility for the examination of metal, plastic and ceramic failures. Our lab includes Stereomicroscope, Metallurgical microscope and Scanning Electron Microscope for visual examination; Hardness and Microhardness testing equipment. Our workshop is capable of receiving and manipulating heavy iron up to 1 Ton weight.

Our team of engineers and technologists have devised many load tests, friction tests and water pressure tests over the past four decades and have developed a reputation as the best firm in Western Canada amongst many of British Columbia’s leading industrial corporations.

Jonathan P. Gough P.Eng.
David M. Little P.Eng.
D. Harvey West P.Eng.
Victor Baker P.Eng.