Heavy Industry

BME knows big iron. A significant portion of our four decades of experience has been gained crawling into and around machinery in the field, making the careful observations and documentation necessary to support the laboratory evaluation which follows. Our field experience and first class lab resources are the combination that makes our service unique to heavy industry.

BME assists heavy industry in several important ways:

Failure Analysis.

The industrial operator needs to know why it happened, and how (and how quickly) it can be fixed. BME continues to prove very effective in meeting these needs. We can usually resolve the cause and address rectification more quickly because the people BME sends into the field have such wide experience with the industrial environment. They know what to look for, what tests to utilize, and what laboratory support work is appropriate. Some examples include:

  • Analysis of failures of spindles, ball studs and related chassis components;
  • Engine failures;
  • Crown gear and racking failures;
  • Manufacturing heat treatment flaws;
  • Special evaluations of experimental fuel systems

Inspection and Repairs.

With our sister company, Baker-West Inspection Engineering Ltd. (BWIE), we:

  • Provide engineer/technician teams to carry out annual structural safety inspections on aerial and other machinery;
  • Develop special non-destructive tests and strain measurement programs for the specific requirements of operational machinery;
  • Design and monitor the execution of weld repair schemes, to rehabilitate damaged or failed machines.

Boroscope Inspection

In addition to a range of conventional non-destructive testing (NDT) capabilities, BME has boroscope-fiberscope resources which allow visualization of deeply buried machine parts – up to one meter from the accessible surface! Our OMC Omega instrument yields superb images. High flexibility and right angle adapter resources allow great viewing range.
From BME, this high-tech boroscope comes to you in the hands of a highly skilled member of our staff, fully able to utilize its capabilities. We have developed techniques to meet a variety of the special needs of our clients, such as evaluating engine combustion chamber conditions and integrity of clutch assembly internal components.

A boroscope inspection by BME may allow maintenance decisions by operations people without the delays and costs of disassembly. Call us to discuss your “need to see inside.”

When you turn to BME to tackle a failure problem, you will have a uniquely experienced and integrated team of engineers and technologists working for you.


D. Harvey West, P.Eng.
Ken Peters, A.Sc.T