Baker Materials Engineering (BME) is a forensic engineering firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia, organized to provide a wide range of analytical services to insurance, industrial, and legal clients. Founded in 1971 for metallurgical failure analysis, BME has grown into a multi-faceted enterprise with a wide range of expertise and technical resources.

In January 2019, BME was acquired by CEP Forensic. As Canada’s largest independent forensic engineering firm, CEP Forensic has ten locations from Vancouver to Moncton. This transaction enables BME to provide a greater range of service to our loyal clients by expanding our resources and ability to service a variety of losses.

What has not changed since 1971 is our focus on the unique requirements of each client we serve, and how we can best solve these needs; be it analyzing a failure, developing a weld procedure, or devising a special test program BME is here to support our clients. With excellent field analysis resources and one of the best materials engineering labs in Western Canada, we have the in-depth experience and technical resources to tackle just about any forensic task you have.