Baker Materials Engineering Ltd.

Baker Materials Engineering (BME) is a forensic engineering company headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, organized to provide a wide range of analytical services to insurance, industrial, and legal clients. Founded in 1971 for metallurgical failure analysis, BME has grown into a multi-faceted enterprise with a wide range of expertise and technical resources. What has not changed since 1971 is our focus on the unique requirements of each client we serve — and how we can best solve these needs, be it analyzing a failure, developing a weld procedure, or devising a special test program. Our site is to inform you as to how we assist our clients and perhaps assist you!

175 years with BME

Our engineers and technologists: 175 years with “BME” (we added it up.) With excellent field analysis resources and one of the best materials engineering labs in Western Canada, we have the in-depth experience and technical resources to tackle just about any forensic task you have.